◈ OBJECT D4h ◈

Construction of something intangible seems an impossible feat. How do you represent the immaterial? And how do you force one to encounter it from multiple perspectives? Take an object. A shape. A form. Change it. Alter it. Cut it. Rotate it. Spin it. Flip it. Present it as the original. Repeat. Repeat it again.

Our work captures the essence of how a chemist might think about and organize classifications of compounds based on their structure and symmetrical operations. Some of these are plainly represented in physical form. Some are hidden for the viewer to discover.




Object D4h is the product of collaboration of between scientists and artists. It was born from a collective love and fascination with symmetry. It is an abstracted representation of a molecule synthesized by Dr. Hoover at WVU. Object D4h is currently on display at the Evansdale Library on the West Virginia University Evansdale Campus.


Figure 1. Dual-copper-centered coordination complex synthesized by the Hoover lab.